Getting In The Yellow Cab In NYC

First timers who are visiting NYC vow on the fact that catching that big yellow taxi is one of their great achievements. What’s all the emphasis on the taxi service at NYC? For starters there are many Do’s and Don’ts when you’re trying to catch a taxi in New York City. Playing the correct cords will get you right all the time without fail. During the morning rush hour, during the lunch breaks and during the after office hours is when the rush hour begins and the hunt for vacant yellow cabs begin. When the rush hour summons people are far more eager to get a cab first due to get a competitive edge on the rush hour traffic that about to begin. So how does one successfully catch that big yellow cab? What are do’s and don’ts related to taxi etiquette? It’s all here, read along and find out.

The how to
First and foremost, before you stick your hand out and wave at a passing taxi, make sure you spot if it is vacant or not. Keep a close watch on the top light of the taxi which indicates if it is vacant, not vacant or off duty. It is always more easier and makes more sense to call a taxi which is in the same side of road as you are in. If you wish to hail a taxi that moves on the opposite side of the traffic, cross over to the other side so the taxi driver can easily spot you. Most people say that it’s relatively easy for tourists to obtain New York skyline prints when their travelling in a cab than any other modes of transportation.
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Make yourself visible for the taxi driver by stepping out into the streets a tad bit or finding obstruction free spots when hailing a cab. It’s best to standing on the curve side of the street which has more visibility than busy streets. Once you’ve spotted a taxi, stick your hand up and out while making eye contact with the driver inside. There is really no reason to scream or whistle at the driver which is rather unprofessional and sometimes regarded as disrespectful.
Taxi drivers are excellent people to get tips about travelling around the city. There are helpful enough to let you know that it is expensive to go on cruise around to see the statue of liberty and instead opt for the Staten Island ferry which is half the cost than the expensive cruise ride.

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