Do You Collect Dot Painting Artworks? – Famous Artists In Australia

Artworks of various professionals are pieces of wonderful work that many local and international individuals are interested in. Different cultures have produced great works that are admired worldwide. One of the distinct works is related to ‘indigenous’ also commonly known as ‘Aboriginal’ works. Unlike how we normally perceive arts, this is quite different, as these individuals concept of art is viewed differently. Especially, the meanings of ‘arts’ to Aboriginal Australian artists are about the following;
– Spirituality
– Practicality
These arts are visual representations of various factors or features including dance, story telling, knowledge or information of being an Aboriginal in Australia.
With that said, if you’ve visited various exhibitions or galleries that showcase these wonderful and out of the world pieces of work, you might be aware of the degree of expertise of the paintings. Are you interested in collecting various Aboriginal artworks? Are you aware of some of the famous Aboriginal painters in Australia? If you were looking forward to buying great authentic works, this article would be helpful. Here are some of the artists that you could research about: 

• Polly Ngale
The Polly Ngale paintings, presents another perspective or view of the culture that she grew around. As mentioned in the following point, he work was influenced by the concepts her sisters used in the arts. You could notice her works that have been displayed for over thirty years. Moreover, the dots and large variations of colourful dots are some reasons for her beautiful work. Check this site if you are looking for more types of Polly Ngale paintings. • Elizabeth Mbitjana
On the other hand, you also have the opportunity of viewing the wonderful and different artworks of Kathleen Ngale’s daughter Elizabeth Mbitjana. The skills and presentation of her work is different to that of Kathleen’s. You would notice that her artwork is unique and less colourful, yet, quite interesting.
• Kathleen Ngale
If you skim through the works of Kathleen, you would notice why the sister Kathleen inspired Polly Ngale paintings. Her work depicts the gradual stages of the evolution of wild plum bush. Inspired by the dreaming story of the wild plum, the artworks are full of life about the fruits and flowers. It depicts the prosperity and also the influence of traditional body painting of the tribe.
These are some of the few of the famous artists that are listed in this article. You could be able research about more people. On the other hand, each of the artworks of these individuals are truly wonderful and worth collecting. The distinctive works of everything piece of work is unique, beautiful and completed with great finesse.

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