Defile De Mode

A fashion parade, a fashion show, and so many alternate names you can call it; however, they first originated in the couture salons on the streets of Paris, France. The fashion industry creates, sells, inspires, and promotes. A new trend or an upcoming tweak in clothing lines are inspired by an outfit or a designer and then replicated by a producer to create a new viral product. One of the most replicated trends during the past few years have been the Balmain studded bodycon dress. Easily inspired by famous American television personality, fashion designer and model Kylie Jenner, and replicated by many. Similarly other trends have leaked out of designer’s hands and straight into the hands of an AA grade replica producer, or simply just simply walked off the runway and into the public’s best interest. The two main idea being the concept of the off shoulder outfits and the khaki related product lines.

So many famous models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Hill and Stella Maxwell have inspired many with their gorgeous, trend-setting outfits every day. Not only do they rule the streets with their clothing lines but also each and every runway at a fashion event; whether it be Victoria’s Secret, Balmain, Calvin Klein or many other prestigious best-seller brands. The most popular upcoming fashion trend is the khaki colored or printed material outfits. This material has been ruling the runway and has inspired onlookers like teenagers, and other middle age generations to wear similar type of clothing. Whether it is specifically made by a “Caroline Herrera” line for the upper class ladies’ fancy tea parties, to the redefining the ultimate experience of street wear by Kanye West’s “Yeezy” clothing line.

And then there’s the crowd favorite, the talk of the year, the trend on the street, the only clothing style that literally looks good on anyone, the one outfit every promotional icon on the exhibition design pop up ever is dressed in; the off shoulder clothing trend. The public is particularly obsessed with the whole idea of the off shoulder tops, bodysuits, and shoulder cut-out blouses. Despite the trend being a wonder on its own, top designers like Monse, Hellesy and Tibi further modified the concept and put to test their very own one shoulder designs and it turned out a great success. Other fashion institutions didn’t fail to start producing copycat versions of the one shoulder tops.

Whether or not an individual is a fan of the fashion industry, the entire community is extremely grateful for the efforts put in by each and every designer in making the lives of fashion enthusiasts a dream that is always fulfilled.

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